Beethoven: How do you conduct the start of the Fifth Symphony?

What definitely disturbs the sleep of many conductors, young and old, is undoubtedly the notorious start of the fifth symphony of Beethoven.

Here we have seen, we see and we will see, all sorts of things.

It would be interesting to do a medley of videos with the most convoluted solutions.

Ilya Musin recounted of having seen it being done in the most outlandish ways. The most ingenuous, in his view, was that of the child prodigy conductor, Willy Ferrero, who got on the podium of the Leningrad Philharmonic, simply lowered his arm and the orchestra after a long moment of perplexity, noted that they didn’t have to wait any longer and after looking at the leader, played in time and impeccably together.

Actually, orchestras after having seen all sorts of things, are psychologically prepared for this attack and therefore, the spirit of safety that often characterises them, pushes them to automatically remedy the most clumsy of attacks.

But few analyse the start for what it really is; that is a simple upbeat attack and as such, it should be tackled with a cool head.

This regard to the actual analysis of this infamous attack, but the following simplified variant may be convenient.Even if it transgresses the rules, allows the joung student a smoother realization.

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