Orchestral conducting technique: Exact position of the arm in front of the orchestra

An exact basic position is essential if we want to develop  correct gestures.

The freedom, naturalness and character of our arm  movements, grow from this basic position.

The most natural and spontaneous position of  them all is with the arm  parallel  to the floor, forming an angle of about 100°,  between the arm and the forearm at the elbow.

In this way the arm is relaxed and free.  From this position you can command  the space in front of you , easily reach  every point in every direction and so give greater evidence to a mf or a f and create a crescendo or a diminuendo.


Another merit of this position stems from the fact that the arm, generally, is  a little higher than the music stands, so the players , even the ones sitting far in the back , can sense  the movement  clearly while continuing to read the  music.

There is nothing worse, therefore, than for the conductor to keep his hands on a parallel line higher than his shoulders, with the elbows pointing outwards and upwards, or near his hips.

These positions hinder the freedom of movement of the arm and at the same time reduce its potential.

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