Orchestral conducting technique : The Sforzando


The  sforzando is based upon the principle of the held-back attack (see previous article).

This means that if we want to produce a sforzando we have to give a preparatory gesture  just in front of the passage for  which we want it

(from my book/DVD)

Keep in mind that the earlier you make this gesture  the  more incisive  the sforzato  could be.

now I am going to show you  this concept applied to a  famous passage, where we need to show subito forte and sharp chords

But if we are conducting  in quick time  and we cannot make this preparatory gesture    we could resort to   other devices ; for example, we could emphasize the sforzando, or accents or chords,  with a sharp gesture of the hand, softening  at the same time the gestures with no sforzando.  Here there are two famous example

From Beethoven III

(from my book/DVD)

and from Sheherazade



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