The importance of showing a clear downbeat

This video, together with the previous, confirms the pitfalls that lurk using the pattern of two in quick time.

The pattern of two is characterized by the presence in a measure of two impulses, strong and weak (thesis / arsis), this sequence must be clearly  visible by the players.

The attack  is a signal  to indicate to the orchestra the precise moment in which the performance is to begin and,

so as to insure a perfect synchronization of the orchestra, has to be understood in  the same way by all the members of the  orchestra this is not perceptible in the following video.

Uncertainty during the downbeat and ambiguity between beats does not allow the orchestra to execute the impulses properly. These extra movements do not clearly indicate the conductor’s intention, this provokes a misunderstanding in the sections of the orchestra and the conductor himself , this turbulence goes on during the first 10 measures. Trying to regain the control over the orchestra the conductor decides to stand more quiet widening statically his arms, the orchestra self immediately takes the opportunity to tidy up



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